Coming Our Way? Sugary Drink Taxes, Tea Cocktails, Bulletproof Coffee and Coffee Wine

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe from Optimoz

If you take the view that Australia follows the US in food and drink trends, then the latest US beverage trends from M/A/R/C Research’s InView will interest foodies and those in food and beverage.

Here’s a round up on the US trends in sugared drinks, fads, tea, millennials, craft brews, bottled water and wine.

Sugary Drink Taxes

Sugar-sweetened drinks with at least 209kJ’s per 236 ml’s are said to contribute to 180,000 deaths worldwide through diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Vermont and Illinois have levied a taxes on sugary drinks and other states are considering following suite.

Bulletproof Coffee

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that coffee bars (chocolate-like wafers that offer the equivalent of a shot of expresso), activated charcoal lemonade (supposed to detoxify and reduce bloat) and Bulletproof or Sherpa coffee (fresh brewed coffee blended with grass-fed butter and a shot of coconut oil) are the latest fads to hit the beverage scene.

Starbucks Applies for Liquor Licences

About 100 locations will offer beer, wine, and small plates as Starbuck applies for liquor licenses in an effort to improve sales via a new evening menu.

Brewed Tea the Cool New Mixer

The Detroit News reports tea-flavored vodkas including Seagram’s sweet tea-flavored vodka and Absolut’s Wild Tea also containing elderflower is becoming popular.

Experimental Millennials

Heineken estimates Millennials will account for 70% of future beer growth due to their experimental  natures and the fact that they equate cost with quality. As the economy and their economic standing improve, they trade up so Heineken use digital aspirational and experiential campaigns to capture this group.

Cannabis-Infused Beer

Targeted News Service reports that craft beer market is growing and growing. At the end of June there was an 18% increase in the number of US breweries operating with 1,755 further breweries in planning. Specialist brewers have introduced alcoholic ginger and root beers and a (legal derivative of cannabis called cannabidoil or CBD) cannabis-infused beers.

If Bottled Water is King, Then Water Enhancer’s are Queen

Between 2000 and 2014, annual US per capita consumption of bottled water doubled and per capita consumption of soft drinks fell 25%. Driven mostly by the health and wellness movement, US analysts believe that by 2017 bottled water will surpass soft drinks and become the dominant non-alcoholic beverage. Brands are launching products with exotic flavors in waters and water enhancers.

Coffee Wines

PR Newswire reports: The fastest growing wines are a range varietals, styles, and regions with interest in wines with interesting stories, philanthropic connections, unique production methods, and convenient packaging. Wine retailers note that consumers are more likely to purchase a new brand at a higher price point than remain with a familiar brand that raised its price. Boxed wines recorded double-digit growth with 187-ml wine bottles also selling well.

The World’s First Coffee Wines have been launched: Cabernet Espresso and Chardonnay Cappuccino under the Friends Fun Wine brand. Fun Wine is positioned as a drink for 21 – 35 year old new an occasional wines drinkers that want an affordable alternative to beer and wine with a lower alcohol content.


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