Engage – Empower – Inspire – Energise

Are you…​

  • a Restaurateur looking to scope-out the food culture/demographics for a new location, or expand into food events, cooking master classes and more?
  • the director of a food festival/event looking to innovate or reinvigorate your event?
  • a farm gate or artisanal food producer looking to generate more income through tours, workshops or cooking classes?
  • a guide wanting to develop professional food tour skills?
  • an established culinary/combination tour operator wanting to develop or improve their offering?
  • a council economic/tourism development manager or destination marketing organisation with the need to foster social cohesion or just a burning desire to create a regional food/beverage trail?
  • or just excited about food’s ability to bring people together and want to integrate food events/tours into your business model?



Speaking Engagements…

  • As a culinary tourism crusader and whisperer I am happy to share global best practice and a vision for how a culinary tourism industry in western Sydney and beyond can offer small business, non-government organisations and local government area councils  significant economic, social and cultural values benefits
  • Speaking topics are tailored to SMEs, NGOs or government  place, economic development, tourism, destination development general managers/managers/officers as desired
  • If you have a group that would benefit from culinary tourism information and inspiration, please reach out to me for the details
  • Download Speaker Profile 


  • Design culinary tourism study tours of western Sydney
  • Visitor experience and cuisine trail development services
  • Mystery tour guest evaluations of your tours/experiences
  • Experience/Tour research, design & commentary-writing
  • Festival innovation/reinvigoration recommendations
  • Tour, workshop, master class, cooking class design
  • Integration of  food events/activities to your business
  • Tasting & food event design and host training
  • Gastronomic & speciality tourism consulting
  • Artisanal food/craft event consulting
  • Farmgate and farmers market tour design/hosting
  • Degustation & multi-sensory event design/hosting

And more….just contact me and let me know if you would like me to reach out to you by phone or email and we can discuss your project, obligation free.

What you can expect from me when we collaborate…

  • Enthusiasm, action and collaboration are work priorities
  • Keeping things fun, playful and optimistic
  • Building team spirit by collaborating with others
  • Working at a dynamic pace
  • Talkative, communicating with energy and passion
  • A high-spirited approach which helps generate new ideas and keeps people engaged
  • Receptive to other people’s ideas which makes them feel comfortable in sharing
  • Expects the best of people while ensuring ‘all the bases are covered’
  • Daring and see change as invigorating, pitching fresh ideas and new approaches to problems
  • Comfortable to take the lead in group settings and will speak up with an opinion when required
  • An upfront but diplomatic approach which may help expose problems or issues to be resolved

I can help…

Speaking engagements, project, contract or retainer arrangements available to suit your needs. Just get in touch using the contact form.