Not only is Viktoria passionate about food and the role it plays in our lives, but also in her approach to helping others. She has been unstintingly generous with her advice in assisting me with the marketing for my new cooking school. She has led me to connections, directories and information that has greatly enhanced my approach to building my business and its presence in the marketplace. I can’t thank her enough for her assistance.
Jennie Thompson, Director, The Cooks Workshop

Viktoria has a rare combination of enthusiasm, passion and drive – with vision, resilience and EQ to match.
Sam Hayek, CEO, The Groundskeeper Cafe Group

Viktoria has been a great supporter of Taste Tours, and our work as a charity and food tour business. She initially provided assistance as an advisor and mentor, eventually joining the Board at the 2017 AGM. Viktoria is sharp and intelligent, diligent and hard working. She provides a high level framework for understanding the why and how of what we do, and will put in the hard yards to make things happen. She is bold and enthusiastic and not shy of either sharing her views, or of putting in the hours it takes to do things properly. She makes things happen, and she does that very well.
Lesley Unsworth, CEO, Taste Food Tours

Viktoria’s greatest strengths are her intelligence, passion and desire to be a lifelong learner. Viktoria has worked in the role of Social Media & Content Marketing Co-ordinator for Barrington and we are currently working together on the development and delivery of the Diploma of Event Management for the Club industry. She is a quick learner who is continuously exploring trends and challenging the status quo as she strives for continuous improvement. She adds her special touch by often baking tasty treats for the team meetings or putting together gourmet hampers 🙂
Reyna Mendes, Learning and Development Manager, Barrington Group

Sharing her knowledge and experience to enable people to make a positive change is what makes Viktoria special. She would be a great asset to any team.​“Viktoria commenced with Barringtons some 18 months ago in our Marketing Division where her role saw her oversee the entire marketing strategies of Barringtons products and services.  Her role included the design and construction of our social media platform which has provided a substantial increase in sales in a short period of time. I recommend Viktoria to any business that requires design and implementation of social media strategies.”
Blayne Webb, Director, Barrington Group

Hi Viktoria,
Firstly, thank you so much for your visit and talk to the Committee on Wednesday. We all benefited each in different ways, we were all engaged, and your message was very well received. Various people took notes at different times, and we have started getting some things happening by thinking about the workshop in new ways. The Transformational Experiences slant was particularly relevant.  You’ve got us thinking.
Josephine Blue, President Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop (HCAW)

Wow!!! You’ve been busy, very impressive!!! By the way, I love your updates on LinkedIn, you always have really great articles, please keep it going :)! Hope you have some time to breathe in between everything!
Leonie Wu, Assistant Brand & Product Features Manager – Citibank (Diners Club)

“I have found Viktoria’s work ethic and skills to be a fabulous mix here at the office. She is tireless and relentless in getting the message out there to all and sundry. If you need someone to “yell it from the mountain”, then you wont do better than Viktoria.
Peter King, Creative/Technical Director, Barrington Group

“Viktoria is a true professional in every sense of the word. Terrific communicator, extremely thorough, intelligent, very reliable and puts 100% effort in everything she does.”
Steve Packer, Executive Manager Corporate, Barrington Group

“I have worked with and have taken advice from Viktoria over the past 9 years. Viktoria is a person that will truly motivate you to bigger and better achievements. She is a small business marketing guru and very well experienced in social media and content marketing. As the owner of Renaissance Rocking Horses her promotional strategies once implemented saw the business grow to a stage where it was booked out 10 months in advance. I am happy to recommend Viktoria.”
Alan Eagle, Secretary, Farmgate Trail (formerly Hawkesbury Harvest)

“Viktoria is a vibrant and inspiring asset to any group or company. Always thinking ‘outside the square’ to get the job done, with a seemingly unlimited source of enthusiasm and energy to achieve her goals.”
Mellissa Read-Devine, Member, Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail

“Viktoria is simply extraordinary. Her energy, passion and results focussed approach to marketing projects is exceptional. As a business mentor to emerging and growing businesses she is not only creative and engaging, she matches it with pratical experience which will get the results you want.”
Vanessa Van Wyk, Partner, Binarix Marketing + Web + Training 

“Viktoria has assisted me in the marketing and promotion of our existing business, including advising how to achieve maximum local newspaper publicity at no cost. The approach was so successful that we achieved several half page editorials at zero cost, which translated into immediate sales at the cash register….Viktoria is very professional, enthusiastic and has great attention to detail. She has a positive and nurturing personality and we have no hesitation in recommending her to any business owner looking to increase the profitability of their business.”
Lucille & Darren Pead, Owners, Guy Stuff Gifts and Collectables 

“Viktoria is a very enthusiastic, creative woman who is passionate about writing and marketing. She can find an interesting angle on just about any story. I found her to be great fun and an inspiration to work with. She is very much a ‘can do’ woman!”
Joni Leimgruber, Freelance Writer

Hi Viktoria,
Your talk at SIA was very inspiring and one of the reasons we did participate this year in the Biggest Morning Tea. I have also started to be involved (in many different ways) at various school fetes (all coming up in Spring) around the area as I am trying to put into practice the idea of people seeing us out and about and in print to start remembering us. I really got a lot of inspiration from your talk and I thank you for that.I have really revved up my staff with all the ideas I brought back from SIA. I’m looking forward to being involved in your Open Weekend.
Kylie Gatto,  Owner , Memories in the Making

Hi Viktoria,
Thanks so much for your time today. It has certainly given us a lot of food for thought and we have a fantastic basis now for working through many of the ideas we have had over the last few months, with more clarity and direction than we had previously.Your enthusiasm and excitement is inspiring and whilst some ideas have turned things on their heads a bit, it’s all good stuff for us to think about! We really appreciate it and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.Thanks
Natalie Cavalli, Owner, Simply Original Fine Foods

“Having Viktoria as a mentor on this inaugural industry event has given me the personal confidence needed to negotiate with big business. Her work ethics and encouragement have been a tremendous example and she has increased my desire to work on my weaknesses, improve on the abilities I have. She has awakened me to greater and challenging possibilities and improved both my business and interpersonal communications. On a more personal level,  Viktoria created a belief in me that anything is possible.”
Sally Wilson, Owner, Delish Designs & Scrapbooking Industry Association President

Hi Viktoria,
You are so inspirational!  Anne rang me this morning and said she was on
such a “high” when she got home yesterday.  Thanks a million once again.
Sally Vecchio, Owner, Lehanes Fine Stationery

Hello Viktoria,
It was lovely (as always) to see you last night.You are a very powerful and motivating speaker, and I feel very lucky and privileged to be given the opportunity to learn from your wisdom. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy your company! Thank you. I am thinking of booking my Business Development Manager into your Media workshop in late May. Your input is so valuable, I am always so inspired when I am with you. And I enjoy our rapport-  a real bonus! Thanks again Viktoria. What an honour and a treat to have met you! Thank you for being my mentor, thank you for your time, thank you for your generosity of spirit, thank you for your enthusiasm, thank you for becoming my friend. You have introduced something special into my life, you remain in my heart. Words are simply inadequate.  With love and deepest gratitude.
Debbie Edinburg, Practice Manager – Eden Institute for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Dear Viktoria,
Just a quick note to thank you for your time given so freely today at the  DSRD seminar.  I really enjoyed your presentation and can say that it stimulated my thinking and uplifted me for the day.I will catch up and let you know how things are going with the many avenues of activity/ideas I am involved with in the near future. In the meantime, I congratulate you on a really great presentation this morning.  Looking forward to your next one. Thank you.
Cate Richmond, Ausflare

Hi Viktoria,
I know you are busy but I just had to tell you this is your best work yet. That said, I’m not sure if I appreciate you putting me out of work – so little editing needed. Your writing has really come on over recent articles but this one is (excuse the pun) the icing on the cake. You really get a feel for the artist and her work. WELL DONE YOU! Talk soon.
Donna, Editor, Australian Country Collections

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